2nd LTT Activity

1 Project 5 Countries, Goal: STEM For Sustainable Environment

Second Learning Teaching Training (LTT) activity is held at the De Creatieve STEM, Ghent, Belgium, between 05 – 11 June 2022.

In the LTT movement of the project, activities held with the participants of the partner countries with the leadership of De Creatieve STEM (decreatievestem.be), an expert in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning. The mobility is held in Belgium and with the coordination of De Creatieve STEM. Project partners participate from Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Slovakia who are experts in the field of STEM. In LTT event; Environmental issues such as climate change, water and energy, environmental pollution and recycling, and sustainable economy is discussed.

LTT activities held in the Gent, Machelen and Bruge in Belgium; Dr. Eef Thoen and Dr. Thomas Remerie in Artevelde University, David Vermeulen from Artevelde High School, Dr. Benny Malengier, Dr. Simona Vasile, Professor of HoGent University. Dr. Sheilla Odhiambo, University of Antwerp Prof. Dr. Maarten Weyn and Madhumalti Sharma from the University of Luxembourg, with workshops and talks. STEM activities developed within the framework of the environmental theme is implemented with the students at Artevelde High School in Belgium.

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