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E1 Beyond the shopping bags

E2 – Milk jewels! (Bioplastic from milk andvinegar.)

E3 Business from waste! (It’s garbage! Turn bottle caps into household items and sell them!)

E4 – Learn about Microplastics!

E5 – Do It Yoursel Fog machine

G1 Temperature Monitoring System with Arduino UNO

G2 Biodyes_Dyeing the Future Green

G3 – Carbonfootprint Tshirt Logo

G4 – Mini Vacuum Cleaner Challenge

G5 Losted Ways (Penguins)

R2 _Pedal Power Charging While Cycling

R3_Wind Energy (Kinetic Art)

R4_Prototyping Make a Weather Station

W1_Water Filter

W2_Coffee for your plants

W3_Prepare a water filter like NASA

W4_Sustainability 2Go Mobile App for the environment

W5_Do It Yourself Yoghourt Pots (Self Made Yoghurt)

W6_Rooftop Aquaponics

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