Universidade Lusófona

The mission of the Universidade Lusófona is to contribute to the scientific, cultural, economic and social development of Portugal and all Portuguese-speaking countries through its teaching and research activities.
In order to achieve these goals, Universidade Lusófona develops training and research activities and provides services in the most varied fields of knowledge relevant to society, and constantly and actively seeks to establish itself as a valid partner, indispensable to all those who, like Universidade Lusófona, believe that higher training and knowledge are the main drivers of the development and progress in our society. Universite has got 13 higher educational institutions in Portugal, 9 university institutions in Portuguese-speaking countries, namely Brazil and Mozambique.

Universidade Lusófona divided 10 Units:

  1. School of health sciences and technologies,
  2. School of economic and organization sciences ,
  3. School of communication, architecture, arts and Information technologies,
  4. School of psychology and life sciences,
  5. Faculty of social sciences, education and administration,
  6. Faculty of law,
  7. Faculty of physical education and sport,
  8. Faculty of engineering,
  9. Faculty of veterinary medicine,
  10. Social services institute.

Web site: https://www.ulusofona.pt

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