The project has developed 12 educational games that focus on environmental issues, each corresponding to one of the four main themes: clean water and healthy food, clean energy, and environmental pollution. These games are designed to inspire and educate both teachers and students about important environmental concepts and encourage sustainable behaviors.

Collect Waste BatteriesObjective: Players learn about proper disposal of batteries by collecting and sorting them into appropriate bins to prevent environmental pollution.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Clean Energy GameObjective: Players explore different clean energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro power, making choices to generate energy sustainably and reduce carbon emissions.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
GarbagemanObjective: Players take on the role of a garbageman, collecting and sorting waste items to promote recycling and proper waste management practices.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Drive Electric CarObjective: Players drive an electric car, navigating through different environments while learning about the benefits of electric vehicles in reducing air pollution.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Alternative EnergyObjective: Players match different energy sources with their corresponding benefits and drawbacks, promoting understanding of sustainable energy options.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Global WarmingObjective: Players solve puzzles and complete challenges related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the effects of global warming.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Cat Stops Global WarmingObjective: Players guide a cat character through various levels, collecting objects that represent eco-friendly practices and learning about their impact on reducing global warming.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Collect Plastic WastesObjective: Players clean up virtual environments by collecting plastic waste and disposing of it properly, highlighting the importance of plastic waste management.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Collect Healthy FoodsObjective: Players gather healthy food items while avoiding unhealthy ones, promoting the importance of balanced diets and sustainable food choices.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Collect Electronic WasteObjective: Players collect electronic waste items and learn about the significance of recycling electronics to minimize electronic waste pollution.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Oil Collect Game 1Objective: Players navigate a virtual environment to collect oil spills and learn about the impact of oil pollution on marine ecosystems.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Oil Collection Game 2Objective: Similar to the previous game, players clean up oil spills, gaining awareness about the devastating effects of oil pollution on the environment.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD