1 Project 5 Countries Goal: A Livable World

First LTT Mobility

“Key to Global Life, Digital Transformation of Nature” Erasmus+ KA201 project numbered 2020-1-TR01-KA201-094533, First Learning Teaching and Training Mobility carried out between 07-2017, 13 March 2022 at the University of Lusofona, Lisbon, Portugal.

In the project coordinated by the Tokat Provincial Directorate of National Education, in the overseas work carried out with the participation of institutions from Turkey, ,Portugal, Belgium, Slovakia and Spain, sustainable EU targets, environment and climate change, water and energy, environmental pollution and recycling, sustainable economy, and Climate and environmental issues, which are important to realize, were discussed. In addition, case studies in the fields of virtual reality, e-content and STE(A)M, and good practices in the field of Erasmus+ were presented.

University of Lusofona academics Prof. Cristina Guerra, Prof. Anabela Cruces and Prof. During the 7-day training organized by Adília Charmier, presentations were made by 21 academic staff working within the university itself and at other universities in Lisbon. While the administrators of the Tokat Provincial Directorate of National Education gave information about the project with their foreign partners, our project coordinators gave information about the virtual reality field, Maria-Cristina Ciocci on behalf of the De Creatieve STEM institution in the field of STE(A)M and the E-Code institution Radoslav Vician in the field of E-content.