Material name: Multiplier VR Application of EU Energy Efficiency

Matarial NameDescriptionDownload Link
Information About the MaterialThis educational material enables users to examine environmental features found in cities around the world. Apart from the project countries, it helps to discover the place of world in different countries. The material aims to help teachers in teaching. The material includes in the environment as multiplayer. For use the material, Oculus Quest Engine is suitable for to participate students and teacher.Material Apk file: Click For download (Suitable for Oculus Quest)
Blender/ 3D Objects for STEM MaterialsYou can download the Blender, 3D designs which is used in VR environment for STEM education from the link below. The materials can be used for 3D printers.
Polar 3D ExplorerGlobal warming has emerged as a shared concern across the globe, impacting the equilibrium of the planet through temperature rises in glaciers. To address this, a 3D virtual reality application has been created in Turkish, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Slovak languages. This app aims to elucidate the characteristics of polar seas and lakes, track their evolution and alterations, and project potential future scenarios. Through this innovative tool, students can acquire a comprehensive understanding within a 3D environment, facilitated by the Unreal Engine application. Additionally, easy access to the application is provided via personal computers.Cilik for download

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