An extraordinary cross-border initiative, spanning five nations, has culminated in a pioneering project that promises to revolutionize the way we approach environmental sustainability. The Erasmus+ KA201 project, bearing the title “The Key to Global Life: Digital Transformation of Nature,” recently reached a pivotal milestone.

From May 4th to May 13th, 2023, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, served as the backdrop for the final Learning and Teaching activity. Guided by the leadership of the IES PADRE ANCHIETA institution, the project marked a significant step towards a digital evolution aimed at nurturing a sustainable environment.

With participants hailing from Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, and Slovakia, this collaborative venture saw the convergence of Tokat Provincial Directorate of National Education-Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, University of Lusofana, De Creative STEAM institution, and e-Code institutions. The initiative, guided by the visionary IES PADRE ANCHIETA, evaluated STEM, Digital Game, and Virtual Reality training materials developed throughout the project.

Noteworthy sessions, led by De-Cratieve STEM and the Tokat Provincial Directorate of National Education, witnessed dynamic discussions on STEM topics, as well as the assessment of three-dimensional virtual reality materials. Additionally, between May 8th and May 10th, under the leadership of the E-Code institution, a dozen digital games and e-contents underwent rigorous evaluation. These assessment endeavors garnered feedback from experts at Lusofona and Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University.  

The project’s overarching vision, masterminded by the Tokat Provincial Directorate of National Education, revolved around the creation of STEM, Virtual Reality, and Digital Education Materials. These resources, born from the collaborative efforts of Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and Slovakia, were meticulously tailored to address the theme of a sustainable environment. In a conscious nod to global concerns, climate change, energy, environmental pollution, recycling, and sustainable economies were ingeniously integrated.

The bedrock of this initiative rested on engaging students at the IES PADRE ANCHIETA. Here, the developed educational content was put to the test, both pedagogically and practically, revealing promising strides in nurturing environmental awareness and fostering interdisciplinary learning. The enthusiastic reception from students and educators alike underscored the transformative potential of virtual reality content, e-contents, and printed educational materials.

Watch this space for the forthcoming publication of an in-depth evaluation report, slated to be shared on the project’s official website ( This report will shed light on the project’s monumental impact and its resonance with various stakeholders.

As a grand finale, mark your calendars for the “Digital Transformation of Nature: Key to Global Life Learning Festival and Symposium.” Set to unfold from October 12th to October 15th, 2023, at the International Imam Hatip High School, this event will stand as a testament to the dedication of the Tokat Provincial Directorate of National Education, with support from Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University. The Digitalchangeon Learning Festival and Symposium are poised to be a crucible for the exchange of ideas regarding the intersection of STEM, E-Content, and Virtual Learning in solving environmental challenges.

Be a part of this intellectual rendezvous! Researchers and educators are encouraged to join the symposium and contribute their insights. Applications for participation are open until September 2nd, 2023, through This platform promises to amplify environmental consciousness, disseminate pioneering research outcomes, and foster a collaborative space for global thought leaders in education and the environment.